Chronicles of the Cosmic Couple

Ghosts of Christmases Thankfully in the Past

Christmas Eve 2003 – It was exactly six years ago tonight, at just about this time. How well I remember. We were deep into Christmas Eve, my ladylove and I, … Continue reading

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Way of the Cat, Chapter 3: Radiating Love

Four years on, Sasha has totally stolen our hearts. She is an integral part of our family, a wise and wonderful kitty who radiates love and communicates on many levels. … Continue reading

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The Way of the Cat, Chapter 2: The Boyfriend

The continuing adventures of Sasha, our beloved and faithful cat. In this installment, she cavorts with her new boyfriend, Bruce, who is much younger and full of mischievous feline energy. … Continue reading

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The Way of the Cat, Chapter 1

A tale of two kitties: Sasha and Maggie. •Sasha. She came to us out of Nowheresville, a fugitive, hunted for sport by a dysfunctional cat family.   Now she spreads … Continue reading

March 10, 2012 · 2 Comments