Chronicles of the Cosmic Couple

Ghosts of Christmases Thankfully in the Past

Christmas Eve 2003 – It was exactly six years ago tonight, at just about this time. How well I remember. We were deep into Christmas Eve, my ladylove and I, … Continue reading

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Mother Earth is burning. Humanity is responsible

Our planet is in deep trouble. Most of us realize this. Drought, enormous fires, glaciers melting, sea levels rising, species going extinct, poisoned rivers, poisoned air, and on and on. … Continue reading

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War and Peace [Poetic Fire]

There is a way out/ Peace is missing in our hearts/ Thus the war exists/ More peace, less war. We must bring a new wave of energy into the world. … Continue reading

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What the Doctors Are Afraid to Tell You

Facing surgery? Know this: The doctors and the hospital don’t tell you everything you should know. If people really knew what was going to happen during and after their surgery…. … Continue reading

March 6, 2015 · 2 Comments

Welcome to the Future…?

While technology develops at breakneck speed, human consciousness lags sadly behind. The result is one disaster after another. The world seems to be regressing. What can we do about it? … Continue reading

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My Home Town – and First Pro Writing Job

My first professional writing job was with the local weekly newspaper. The experience was invaluable, the salary was negligible, but I learned how to turn the job into a goldmine. … Continue reading

March 3, 2015 · 2 Comments

Way of the Cat, Chapter 3: Radiating Love

Four years on, Sasha has totally stolen our hearts. She is an integral part of our family, a wise and wonderful kitty who radiates love and communicates on many levels. … Continue reading

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The Way of the Cat, Chapter 2: The Boyfriend

The continuing adventures of Sasha, our beloved and faithful cat. In this installment, she cavorts with her new boyfriend, Bruce, who is much younger and full of mischievous feline energy. … Continue reading

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This Is it!

I get ideas. I can think!  I can twist words around to make ideas flow. It’s the brain/mind happening, creating.  One never knows what dynamic thought bubble will pop out. … Continue reading

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EARTH ALERT 3: The Water! The Water!

Ancient icebergs melt, ocean levels rise….As our planet warms at an alarming pace, the future of water — the most essential element for life on Earth — is in jeopardy. … Continue reading

November 28, 2012 · 1 Comment