Chronicles of the Cosmic Couple

Mother Earth is burning. Humanity is responsible

Our planet is in deep trouble. Most of us realize this. Drought, enormous fires, glaciers melting, sea levels rising, species going extinct, poisoned rivers, poisoned air, and on and on.

Earth afire

By now, anyone in America who has a pulse is aware that climate change is upon us. That freakish, unprecedented climate events – caused by human activity – are happening NOW, despite massive denial by millions of people and feverish activity by special interests to convince the public that global warming is some kind of liberal hoax.

It’s here, folks, and it’s the talk of the town – even the Pope talked about global warming and its dire consequences. Any citizen with a shred of sanity can see that we are heading right over the cliff of no return. That some major global actions must be taken, and soon, or the denizens of this planet are going to be royally f—-d.

SuperstormLet’s be realistic. Is it too late already to avoid the coming apocalypse, or can it be avoided by the people of this planet actually working together? Humanity’s record is bleak: 3000 years, 5000 wars. Today, everywhere you look, people are killing each other over religion, territory, food, you name it. The psychotics who run this planet — the bankers and the billionaires, the oilmen, the priests and politicians — have no intention to relax their stranglehold on the international levers of power.

So the question arises:

FloodingWhat can I (read: you) do about global warming? Install solar panels, drive a smaller car, recycle, save water, buy local food, use those strange, twisty light bulbs, etc. — will my (our) puny but sincere efforts really change anything?

Probably not. What can we do about the politicians who refuse to pass —or even consider — legislation that could reduce the carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants? Energy companies that refuse to stop poisoning our rivers? Retards that dump trash and toxic waste into our oceans?

What is needed is a global movement, a climate crusade, a raising of consciousness of the humans who inhabit this planet, a collective, conscious effort to save ourselves.

FB - a.m. - burning cityIs this asking too much of our pathetic humanity, which somehow, deep down, is fixated on the idea of a global suicide? If it takes the present crisis – called by many scientists “the worst crisis humanity has ever faced” to bring people together – then so be it.

We all know this, and appreciate that the heads of state of the U.S. and China have agreed to some actions to, at the very least, slow down climate change. And that the leaders of nearly 200 nations are meeting in Paris at the end of 2015 to try to hammer out some agreements regulating carbon emissions, the main culprit in the global warming saga.

GS - obamaPresident Obama has launched his own climate crusade, helping to bring the issue into sharp focus and stressing the urgency of the situation. Perhaps he can rise to the occasion and be the world leader he was born to become, riding atop the wave of increasing public awareness of climate change. (But first he has to kill the odious Keystone XL Pipeline. He has dithered way too long on a decision which should have been a slam dunk.)

Because politicians (and their puppet masters) have the power to save our sorry asses, I suggest we launch a Twitter and Instagram blitz demanding that these bozos do the right thing on climate. A campaign of FREE public service announcements (PSAs) that blanket the Internet, movie theaters, all print media, YouTube, all mobile devices. The ageless Smokey the Bear campaign to prevent forest fires would serve as a template; just add all the modern media and digital savvy.

A children’s climate crusade: Kids big and small staging demonstrations near (and inside) government buildings and Congressional offices. Ongoing demonstrations, marches, TV specials, slogans, buttons, T-shirts….In other words, use all of the tools available to humans at this perilous crossroads in our history.FB - global warming 3

Get the message across by any means necessary. America especially needs to be on a warlike footing, with everyone pitching in and even sacrificing some of our carbon-producing toys. Get involved with the groups, organizations and web-based movements that are actively involved in saving our beautiful and beleaguered home, a precious jewel blessed with all the gifts that our Mother Nature can provide.

It’s not too late.

FB - Man precipice

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