Chronicles of the Cosmic Couple

War and Peace [Poetic Fire]

There is a way out/ Peace is missing in our hearts/ Thus the war exists/ More peace, less war. We must bring a new wave of energy into the world.
men at war

(Blogging 101 – Day 5)

How did we come to this?

War – our beautiful planet engaged
in a permanent state of war

Humankind, our kind
Addicted to war, like junkie monkey-minds.
Fight! Kill! Bomb! Cries in the fiery night

No peace on this planet, no space for quiet reflection
On the gifts Existence has bestowed upon our teeming billions

Inner peace? Seriously? How can we have inner peace
With bombs bursting in air…and our flag is still there?

The last three thousand years…five thousand wars.
How many more? My tears reply, how many more?

Earth afireI have seen the blood on the hands of the politicians
Who send our children off to fight for…our freedom?
Our heroes limping home, minus limbs, minds gone
To keep us safe – from what, ourselves?

Because the real war/is within
Everybody is fighting/with themselves.
When it becomes too much, the pot boiling over,
We start fighting with somebody else.

That’s right, my friends, the inner war
The rift within the human soul
The constant war inside
Now, not even you can hide.

Play the blame game/it’s an old game
Find a scapegoat/Go for his throat

Some fool don’t like your god?
Send him a drone/with your iPhone

That uppity Muslim over there?
Let’s bomb Iran/because we can

Haven’t they heard? This is absurd
Even in the name of peace we fight
We go on talking peace
While preparing for war. What a bore.

The spoils of war
Are more war – permanent, eternal war.

meditationTake a deep breath:
There is a way out
Peace is missing in our hearts
Thus the war exists
More peace, less war
If peace wins, if peace becomes predominant
War will disappear.

We must bring a new wave of energy
Into the world.

Sitting silently, doing nothing, watching the grass grow
Becoming a pool of silence
Understanding why war exists

My heart knows this is true:
Only when there are many, many people
Who are pools of peace/of silence/of understanding
Only then will war disappear.

—Marv Lincoln
Ghostwriter, editor, writing coach, publishing consultant

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