Chronicles of the Cosmic Couple


The game has changed. Global warming is officially here, thanks to recent catastrophic weather events. Are we doomed? “Alien Manifesto” takes a satirical but prophetic look at our new reality.

Following is the Prologue to the satirical, often hilarious, but also deadly serious sci-fi novel.  Global warming is real.  Planet Earth is in real trouble, thanks to decades of denial and inaction.  This book is a wakeup call, but also a wild fantasy about what is causing our dilemma and what are some possible solutions.  EARTH ALERT! will present excerpts from the book as well as updates on climate change. 

Intelligence Briefing

A crisis of unprecedented magnitude confronts the United States of America and Planet Earth.   At this moment an ecological collapse has spread worldwide, creating political and economic instability, social unrest, and threats to international security.

This steadily worsening situation has been exacerbated by the destructive criminal activities of an international cartel whose identity is suspected but not confirmed.  Further compounding the crisis is the alleged appearance in the USA of extraterrestrial (ET) entities, whose agenda is unknown at this time.

The following Intelligence Briefing explores the background of the ET situation and spotlights several of the major players in the unfolding scenario.

TO:  President of the United States; Vice-President of the United States; Secretary, Department of State; Director, Central Intelligence Agency; Director, National Security Agency; Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

FROM:  Secretary, Department of Defense

SUBJECTS:  Martin (Marty) Powers, spouse LeAnn (Leela) Powers; Jillian (Jill) Appleton; John (Hacker) Hack, Jr.; Alexis (Aura) Adelstein aka Goddess Kali.  All subjects are residents of Sedona, Arizona, a popular tourist destination located two hours north of Phoenix, AZ.

MARTIN POWERS:  Writer, journalist.  Founded and operated a website called Sedona Confidential, controversial site featuring exposé articles on local issues, politicians, corruption, etc.  Also ran website called Soulmates4You, an online dating service.  Subject closed Sedona Confidential after numerous threats from anonymous sources, plus pressure from spouse.

LEANN POWERS:  Professional psychic.  Worked as psychic reader in Sedona for several years.  Employed by major NYC advertising agencies as corporate spy.  Important State Department asset now assigned to present crisis. Previous assignment:  Stop international cabal seeking to destroy China’s financial infrastructure by creating a non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP).  Subject disrupted plot using advanced psychic techniques.

JOHN HACK, JR.:  Website designer, computer programmer, “hacker.”  Close friend of Martin Powers, designed his websites.  Known as technological genius.  Admitted foot fetishist.  Arrested by FBI for various cybercrimes and hacker mischief, late 1990’s and 2003-2005.  Served 30 days prison time, 2005.  Plea bargain:  Helped government agencies defend against cybercrime and cyber attacks from foreign states in exchange for probation.

ALEXIS ADELSTEIN:  Former waitress and part-time psychic.  Friend of Mrs. Powers.  Former lover of Mr. Powers.  Radically transformed after bizarre lightning storm incident — struck by lightning with no apparent physical symptoms.  Later called herself Goddess Kali, founded Tantra Temple in Sedona area.  Arrest record:  Petty theft, malicious mischief (10 incidents) before age of 16.  Served six months in juvenile detention facility.

JILLIAN APPLETON:  Former assistant to Mr. Powers.  Psychic and channeler.  Discovered psychic link to Mrs. Powers during China crisis.  Now employed by U.S. State Department as conduit to Mrs. Powers.

Sedona is known as a hotbed of UFO activity.  Military records indicate several direct encounters with extraterrestrials, especially in zones of alleged “vortex energy” within the city.  Several of these encounters took place in the vicinity of a natural formation called Bell Rock, which lends credence to the alleged alien presence near Sedona.  Several military investigators have described Sedona as a “trans-dimensional gateway.”

To be continued.  Watch for EARTH ALERT! 2

English: Bell Rock, south of Sedona. Photo tak...

Bell Rock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A View of Earth from Saturn

English: Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona, USA

Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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