Chronicles of the Cosmic Couple

The Alien Manifesto

Planet earth is a mess. Humans have totally trashed their home.  The world teeters on the brink; the entire galaxy is at risk. Question: Does humanity deserve a second chance?

Set in a very near future not too much different from today, this wicked satire explores some very real possibilities:  Alien visitation and intervention; psychic power used for evil purposes; worldwide Internet sabotage; collapse of governments and civil society….and much more.

From the book’s Prologue:

TOP SECRET Intelligence Briefing

A crisis of unprecedented magnitude confronts the United States of America and Planet Earth.   At this moment an ecological collapse has spread worldwide, creating political and economic instability, social unrest, and threats to international security.

This steadily worsening situation has been exacerbated by the destructive criminal activities of an international cartel whose identity is suspected but not confirmed.  Further compounding the crisis is the alleged appearance in the USA of extraterrestrial (ET) entities, whose agenda is unknown at this time.

Enter three psychics from the quirky New Age village of Sedona, Arizona, who are called to duty by the U.S. State Department. Assignment: Save the human race from the Alien Manifesto — a drastic fix for Earth’s problems.

“The end of the world was never so hilarious!”
— The Ghost of Kurt Vonnegut

Order now from Amazon:

Paperback edition (434 pages) – $13.00 (Great Recession price)       E-book – now only $2.99

They are already here? (extraterrestrial life ...

Extraterrestrial life forms are already here! Is it possible?!?   (Photo credit: Giampaolo Macorig)

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