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Reality Check: Are Orbs for Real?

Luminous orbs still active in remote North Carolina forest

Liberty slips into a cave in Ouray, CO, followed and protected by a giant orb.

For more than 800 years, mysterious dancing lights have been sighted in a remote forest in Western North Carolina, an area known as Brown Mountain.  The luminous orbs have been described as red, white or yellow balls of light by thousands of spectators who have witnessed the phenomenon over the years.

The “ghost lights” have been investigated by the U.S. government and countless paranormal groups.  Possible explanations, such as car or train lights, have been debunked.  The eerie illuminations continue to this day, and continue to attract legions of visitors who hope to catch a glimpse of the so-called Brown Mountain lights.

Sightings date back more than 800 years, when Cherokee legends taught that the lights were the spirits of slain warriors.  Early settlers to the New Land and Civil War soldiers were also witnesses of the phenomenon. Close encounters with the lights have caused dizziness, according to newspaper reports, and some observers have said the orbs look like misty spheres and produce a sizzling sound.

Fact or fiction…?  An episode from the “X-Files,” perhaps?  Ball lightning?  Another New Age hoax intended to siphon scarce dollars from gullible tourists, in the style of Area 51 in New Mexico?

None of the above.  The lights are real, although an explanation for their existence is still to come, even with today’s advanced technology.

In fact, the whole subject of orbs has now been relegated to Woo-Woo Land, with cults such as the Ramtha people claiming their auditorium fills up with friendly orbs — but only when their spirit guide is channeled.  In Sedona, Arizona, New Age capital of the Western world, locals and tourists are known to photograph orbs at night with digital cameras – and produce the results in several books devoted to the subject.

Orbs are everywhere at this Bulgarian fire dance.

In my latest sci-fi novel, The Alien Manifesto, orbs play a major role in the twists and turns of the plot.  Here is a sampling from the Prologue, which is in the form of a Top Secret Intelligence Report only for the eyes of the President, the Vice President and four other top government officials.

Sedona is known as a hotbed of UFO activity.  Military records indicate several direct encounters with extraterrestrials, especially in zones of alleged “vortex energy” within the city.  Several of these encounters took place in the vicinity of a natural formation called Bell Rock, which lends credence to the alleged alien presence described in the report below.  Several military investigators have described Sedona as a “trans-dimensional gateway.”


Interview of first responder Emerson Wade, Paramedic, Sedona Fire Department:

Police:  What did you first encounter on Bell Rock?

Emerson Wade:  There was a tremendous storm, rain and lightning and thunder, in April, like a monsoon storm but totally unseasonable.  It only happened around the Bell Rock area.  Like a rogue storm cell.  I found the victim, Ms. Adelstein, flat on her back on a rock ledge.  It appeared that she had been struck by lightning, but there were no outward signs of burns or other injury.

Police:  Then why did you think she had been struck by lightning?

EW:  Because she was lying very still on her back with her eyes wide open, as if she was in shock.  And because a witness, Mr. Powers, told me he had seen a lightning bolt strike Ms. Adelstein.

Police:  Was anyone else present at the scene when you arrived?

EW:  Yes, the wife of Mr. Powers, who emerged from behind a rock just after our arrival on scene.  She was completely naked.  She had no clothes on.

Police:  This woman was nude?

EW:  Yes, stark raving naked.  And dancing around in the rain, shouting and screaming.  Until Mr. Powers wrapped his jacket around her.

Orbs and meditators at Ramtha's Ancient Egyptian Mythology and Orbs of Consciousness class. Photo from

Orbs and meditators at Ramtha's Ancient Egyptian mythology and orbs of consciousness class. Photo from

Police:  What did Mrs. Powers say to you about the lightning strikes?

EW:  She said she didn’t see the lightning hit Ms. Adelstein, but that the lightning had brought the orbs. She said there were orbs all around, that these orbs were alien life forms from another dimension come to visit the earth.

Police:  Did you personally see any orbs at the location?

EW:  No, not personally.

Police:  What did Mr. Powers say about the orbs?

EW:  He said he had seen the orbs floating around Bell Rock, and that one of them seemed to have entered the body of Ms. Adelstein together with a lightning bolt. Mr. Powers began rambling incoherently, so I asked an officer to remove him from the scene.

ORBS:  a Paranormal Phenomenon

Orbs are spheres of light that certain groups of people believe are ghosts, spirits, or life forms that travel inter-dimensionally.  Some say that orbs are advanced beings from other realms, dimensions or frequencies who are watching us and sometimes make contact with humans….

—Marv Lincoln

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